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Manu Neethi on Government website! Too many worse sentences in it

Following the recent controversy over Thirumavalavan’s appeal, a very important question has been repeatedly asked by many. The question is, “Why are they only criticizing beliefs related to Hinduism and refusing to criticize Islam and Christianity?”

Following the search for that question in this article, we are going to look at the source of the video published by Mr.Iyan Karthikeyan, the Editor of Youturn on the topic of whether the Manu Neethi is good or bad.

Continuing the controversy over the petition, one claims that it was translated by whites and the others say that it is misunderstood by people due to lack of understanding and that it is no longer being adhered to by anyone in recent days. But on the official website of the Department of Culture of the Government of India, it is still available today under the title “Manu Samhita”.

What does Manu say about women’s rights?

1. Women should always be kept under control. The manu states that women should be under the control of man for all the 24 hours.

2. Women must continue to be protected by father, husband or son, the many states that women are ineligible for freedom.

3. The manu states that if a woman drinks alcohol, associates with bad people, sleeping at immproper time, stays at home with others, or leaves her husband, their sanctity will be heard.

4. The manu states that women are always aimless and logging to have a physical relationship with a man because of the desire even they didn’t care about the beauty of a man.

5. The petition states that if a woman does not have a male child she can have a male child by having a relationship with another male or husband’s brother or nephew.

6. The petition states that in case a widow wants to have a baby boy, the man who wants to have intercourse with her should quietly apply butter / ghee all over his body in the middle of the night. The petition also states that this event should happen until a boy is great and should not happen again.

7. The petition states that if the things mentioned in Nos. 4 and 5 are applicable only for women of other castes and not for Brahmin women if they do so then they will not be reborn. The many further states that remarriage of handmaidens is not in the Shastra.

8. A woman pleads that she should marry a handsome man in the caste before reaching the age of puberty or marriage.

9. The manu states that it is punishable if caste women other than Brahmin women drink alcohol at weddings.

10. The manu states that no part of the property should be given to a person who is visually impaired, alternatively abled, has missed body organ or is said to be stupid by the community, but can only help/support them.

11. The petition states that a 30-year-old man can marry a 12-year-old girl and a 24-year-old man can marry an 8-year-old girl.

12. The manu states that the Kshatriyas did something against the Brahmins and Brahmins has full rights to give them any punishment they wanted

13. The manu states that whatever mistake the Brahmins make they should be regarded as superior.

14. The petition states that Brahmins should only have their hair removed even if they have committed a crime similar to the death penalty, but other castes can be given the death penalty if they do so.

15. Manu says that a king should not think of killing or punishing a Brahmin, even should not think about it but expel them from the city is the only punishment no matter how badly they do.

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