Tamil Nadu has high migrant workers entry and UP, Bihar have high migrant workers exit !

The number of migrant workers who navigate from their home state to other states keeps increasing in India due to unemployability.

Tamil Nadu has become a place for migrant workers in the last 10 years. Initially, the migrant workers moved to places like Coimbatore, Chennai, Tirupur, and now they are widely spread all over Tamil Nadu.

As per the economic survey 2016-17 mentioned in the budget for the year 2017-18, Tamil Nadu seems to be the state that has the highest number of migrant workers entry. Around 10,13,000 migrant workers have entered Tamil Nadu from 2001 to 2011. Kerala, Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka and Gujarat follow Tamil Nadu.

The number of migrant workers from 1991 to 2001 seem to be 26,000 with Maharashtra as the state with the highest entry. But the count has decreased by half in Maharashtra from 2001 to 2011.

Most of the migrant workers are found to be exiting from Uttar Pradesh, with a count of 29.5 lakhs from 1991-2001 which has increased to 58 lakhs in 2001-2011.

Following Uttar Pradesh, Bihar has a count of 26 lakhs migrant workers exit, Rajasthan 7.9 lakh, Madhya Pradesh 7.6 lakh migrant workers exit. Workers seem to be migrating majorly from Hindi speaking states.

The central government do not have the recent data of migrant workers. Approximate 10 lakh migrant workers are said to be in Tamil Nadu. We will get a clear picture when 2011-2021 data is released, which will obviously have a further increase in the count.

A major reason for the workers to exit their home state is unemployability. Moreover, less salary, more work time are the reasons for Tamil Nadu employers to hire migrant workers. These migrant workers face language issues in the states that they work, and are learning the language as per the requirement.

But the migrant workers in places like fine dining restaurants do not know Tamil and hence people here are forced to speak English or Hindi. Tamil people who go to Delhi, Mumbai are learning to speak Hindi and is usual. Since the count of migrant workers in Tamil Nadu is high, people here are forced to learn and speak Hindi.

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