Do landless people protest wearing green towel to pretend as farmers? Did DMK forget its footsteps?

A road safety awareness program was conducted for the school students on behalf of the Highway Department on the 24th at the Government Girls Higher Secondary School located in Nandivaram, Chengalpattu District. Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises T.M.Anbarasan and E.V.Velu participated in the event.

Minister E.V.Velu said, “When it comes to road expansion, even a landless person wears a green cloth and says don’t take the land.” Apart from this, he spoke about why road expansion is necessary and who would benefit from it.

In today’s environment, everyone in the household has a separate car, so road expansion is a must, he says. His explanation of the need for land acquisition is an addition.

“What is land acquisition for? For the cars to travel. Who is going in the car? Public. Those who don’t realize this creates problems,” he says.

What is DMK’s stand on the Salem 8-lane project?

In 2018, BJP, the union government, announced the Chennai-Salem 8-lane road project, and the AIADMK government, which ruled Tamil Nadu that day, tried to implement it. For this purpose, it acquired more than six thousand acres of agricultural land. The Madras High Court ordered the cancellation of the scheme, but the Supreme Court permitted the implementation of the scheme mentioning that the method of land acquisition was wrong and that the acquired land was ordered to be handed over to the farmers.

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On December 8, 2020, when the Supreme Court’s verdict on the scheme was announced, DMK President Stalin issued a statement. He mentioned that “the AIADMK government did not present the views in the Supreme Court in favour of protecting the livelihood and land rights of the farmers”.

The DMK party leader mentions that the livelihood of the farmers is their land. But E.V.Velu, from the same party, who has taken over as the Minister of Tamil Nadu today, says that even landless are coming to fight with a green towel. It seems that the authorities have forgotten the fact that his party leader used the same green towel to gain votes from the farming people of Tamil Nadu.

Is land only for landlords?

Doesn’t the minister know that just as roads involve commercial development, the land also underpins the livelihoods of many people? What does he think about agricultural wages? Shouldn’t the landless agricultural labourers protest against the 8-lane road land acquisition? Shouldn’t the pro-farmers fight?

On April 25, 2017, they led a protest in Tiruvannamalai demanding that the central and state governments completely cancel the agricultural loans. How ridiculous it will be if one asks him how much farm loan has he taken and why is he fighting for it.

The opposition to the 8-lane road mentioned by the DMK in its manifesto for the 2021 assembly elections has garnered the support of many farmers.

Protest is the right of the people. They have lived in that land for many years. They have been denied land rights for many generations and will be the first generation to attain land ownership. All their sweat and emotions are mixed in the land. Suddenly asking them to hand over the lands to the government for the development of the country, asking to seek another livelihood without protesting is a dictatorial trend.

DMK Member of Parliament Kanimozhi said on July 16, 2018, “The first tool of the government that can act without justice is to suppress protests.” Is Minister E.V.Velu trying to prove that this sentence applies to their government too?

The government should consider the development plans of the country. There is no objection to improving infrastructure. But mentioning the protesters as landless and pointing them that they wear a green towel to pretend and protest seems absurd.

Minister E.V.Velu should remember that the DMK-led Tamil Nadu government is a vote bank of people from various walks of life, including the green towel.

Apart from this, teasing the protestors, patting the petitioner on the head with the petition, and treating the mayor like a child, there is no doubt that all this is against the Dravidian model they are talking about.


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