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In the 5 years, 182 out of 405 MLAs were joined the BJP party – ADR report!

Over the past few years, we have seen more and more MLAs leaving the ruling party and switching to another party in several states, including Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Goa and Arunachal Pradesh. In our neighbouring state of Karnataka, the Congress-Janata Dal (S) alliance MLAs and in Pondicherry, the Congress and DMK MLAs left and the government was dissolved.

According to a study released by the Association for Democratic Reforms and the National Election Watch, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has emerged as the leading party in the list of parties that have defected from one party to another in India between 2016-2020.

According to a survey of 443 MLAs and MPs who have defected from one party to another in the last five years, 182 (44.9%) of the 405 MLAs who contested again have joined the BJP. The second-largest party is the Indian National Congress with 38 (9.4%) and the third-largest party is the Telangana Rashtra Samithi Party with 25 (6.2%).

In the case of Tamil Nadu, 3 MLAs in the DMK and 2 MLAs in the AIADMK are contesting.

During this period, out of the 405 MLAs who contested from the party, 170 MLAs (42%) from the Indian National Congress switched to another party. However, only 18 legislators (4.4%) from the BJP have defected from the party.

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Of the 12 Lok Sabha members who have switched parties, five are from the BJP. Of the 16 MPs who withdrew from the state assembly, seven were from the Congress party. Of the 16 Rajya Sabha MPs who have defected from several parties, 10 have joined the BJP.

At the Indian level, the BJP leads the party with 44.9% of the highest number of party-changing MLAs. The BJP is at an unparalleled peak with other parties.

According to the ADR, the most plausible reasons behind MLAs and MPs switching parties are the lack of value-based politics, money, desire for power, strong communication and a lack of honest leaders.

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