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A viral video of the attack on a Hindu temple in Pakistan. What happened ?

A 3-minute video of a Muslim mob attacking a Hindu temple in Pakistan has gone viral on social media. Half constructed Hindu temple was attacked and the idols were demolished. India condemns this act strongly.

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The attack took place on 4th August, Wednesday in the town of Bhong in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The police department failed to prevent the Muslim mob’s act of attacking a Hindu temple and demolishing the idols in it. Pakistan Rangers have been called in to control the situation.

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Dr. Ramesh Vankwani, ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf parliamentarian, has posted a video captured during the incident and requested the chief justice to take action against those who attacked the temple. He also has tweeted that negligence by local police is very shameful. He has requested the chief justice to take strict action in his subsequent tweets.

The police officer Rahim said to ‘The Hindu’, “A minor Hindu boy last week had allegedly urinated at a library of the seminary in Bhong. He was arrested last week and booked under the blasphemy laws but subsequently released on bail for being a minor. After a social media post inciting people of Bhong to take revenge of desecration, the mob started gathering outside the temple and attacked it”.

“People from Hindu community have apologized to the seminary administration for the minor boy’s act”, reported ‘Dawn’ news channel. However, since the boy was released on bail people were incited to close the shops and the temple was attacked.

The police department has said that the mob demolishes and sets fire to the Hindu temple. This created tension among more than 100 Hindu families living in the region.

Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi has condemned the attack on the Hindu temple. After subsequent posts condemning the act of attack, Pakistan PM Imran Khan also has expressed his state of condemning the act on his Twitter page.

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He has tweeted, “Strongly condemn attack on Ganesh Mandir in Bhung, RYK yesterday. I have already asked IG Punjab to ensure arrest of all culprits & take action against any police negligence. The govt will also restore the Mandir”.

It is to be noted that India has condemned last year the act of a Muslim mob attacking and setting fire to the Samadhi of a Hindu priest.

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Mob attacks temple in Pakistan’s Punjab, damages idols

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