PM Modi ‘uneducated genius’… Did he study or not?

A video of the speech of Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai, saying Prime Minister Modi is an uneducated genius has gone viral on social media.

Union Minister L Murugan, State President Annamalai, Nainar Nagendran and General Secretaries of BJP attended a public meeting on the eight-year record of the BJP government at Chennai on June 26.

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Speaking at the public meeting, state president Annamalai (in the 10th minute) said, “When digital money transfer is brought in, P. Chidambaram told in the parliament that the illiterates are more in India. He said that handling digital money transfers is difficult for them.

Here Karmaveer Kamarajar is illiterate and the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is illiterate. But look at the achievement that uneducated genius Narendra Modi has made in Delhi today. In May alone, there were 612 crore digital money transactions in India. The population is 135 crore, we have made 612 crore transactions in a single month. We exchanged Rs 10,41,521 crore,” he said.

In his 2019 parliamentary election nomination, Narendra Modi mentioned that he obtained an MA degree from Gujarat University. Over the past several years, allegations that the degree allegedly acquired by Prime Minister Modi is a forgery have caused a lot of controversies. In this context, Annamalai’s speech on Prime Minister Modi as an uneducated genius has been going viral on social media.

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