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Garbage in the AC room? | Video of Prime Minister Modi going viral!

“This is the only party in the world to search for advertisements like bringing garbage from outside to inside the AC auditorium and collecting the garbage. The video of Prime Minister Modi sitting with garbage collectors has gone viral on social media, including Facebook.

Criticisms have been raised in several posts that Prime Minister Modi is doing this to seek publicity. We explored where and why the viral video occurred.

On September 11, Prime Minister Modi launched the “Swachhta hi sewa 2019” campaign in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Swachhta hi sewa is a campaign on plastic waste awareness and management.

Speaking among the women who separate plastic from garbage during the event, the Prime Minister said, “We must make efforts to eliminate the use of single-use plastic in our homes and offices by October 2, 2019. I appeal to all as Internet self-help groups, civil society, and individuals in such work. Plastic water bottles should no longer be used in government offices. Utensils made of metal and pottery should be used. ”

This campaign aims to raise awareness about plastic waste nationwide. In addition, from September 11 to October 1, they are involved in collecting and disposing of plastic waste and recycling it before the coming Diwali.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who launched the Swachhta hi sewa campaign, sat down with garbage workers and asked questions about plastic garbage. The video features the Prime Minister talking to female workers wearing gloves and face masks near him. There are also scenes of plastic items collected from the garbage being taken away and dumped in the machine.

On Prime Minister Modi’s Twitter page, he tweeted as follows “we launched “Swachhta hi sewa” and pledged to reduce the use of plastic. I sit with the plastic trash pickers. I adore their hard work. ”

During the opening ceremony of the Swachhta hi sewa campaign, garbage was dumped at the venue and plastic waste was collected from the machine.

Video footage of Prime Minister Modi sitting and talking to women as he separates plastic items from the garbage at Swachhta hi sewa 2019 has been criticized on social media as politically motivated.

Proof :

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