This article is from May 12, 2021

BJP leaders sharing The Daily Guardian’s post which praising Modi and portrayed as International news!

As the country was in a tense situation due to the corona impact, many BJP ministers and leaders shared the post published on The Daily Guardian’s website, ” Prime Minister Modi is working hard, do not fall into the trap of the opposition .”

The international media criticizing Prime Minister Modi’s actions in relation to the corona impact. In this context, many BJP leaders are sharing the post that praising Modi which published on a website called The Daily Guardian.

The Guardian is a popular international news agency. The name of the website, The Daily Guardian, makes many people think of it as The Guardian’s branch site. At the same time, it is controversial and has come under heavy criticism as a political issue.

Why this controversy?

This may be due to the fact that several BJP leaders, including Amit Malviya and Anurag Tagore, shared an article on The Daily Guardian entitled “Modi is working hard”.

G Kishan Reddy – – 2.01 PM

Amit Malviya - - 1.56 PM

Gopal Krishnan Agarwal – – 11.10 AM

Anurag Thakoor - - 11.10 AM

Kiren Rajjju - - 10.29 AM

Following this, we started an investigation about the ” The Daily Guardian ” page. The Daily Guardian site launched on 17-04-2020. It was published by ITV in Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, it is known that ” The Daily Guardian ” is an Indian newspaper and “The Guardian” has nothing to do with this.

And the Daily Guardian launched its Twitter and Facebook page in the same month were they started the website.

However, ITV has not released any information about the maintenance of the Daily Guardian site on its site. They are only referring to the SundayGardianLive site. And The Daily Guardian runs without any advertising, no subscription fees, and no clear About & site information page.

The fact that they operate under the pseudonym “The Guardian” and that many BJP leaders continue to share the word as a credible newspaper makes it more likely that ordinary people will believe The Daily Guardian as “The Guardian”.

Next, they refer to this article as “Opinion”. This was written by Sudesh Verma of the BJP which mentioned at the end of the article, he joins the BJP as a media spokesperson and party spokesperson in televised debates. He is the author of the book “Narendra Modi: The Game Changer“. The views expressed are personal. 

Meanwhile, a post is spreading on social networking sites as The Guardian site posted a Twitter post regarding the spread of The Daily Guardian news.

The post states, “The Daily Guardian site does not belong to The Guardian site and we do not want another parody site in our name.”

However, The Guardian’s Twitter page does not have such a record, so it is not clear whether they posted and deleted it because it was not in Google cache because it was posted in a short time.

Many BJP national leaders have shared an article praising Prime Minister Modi on The Daily Guardian, which has gone viral on social media. Many Netizens comment that this is a ploy to prevent criticism of the state in a difficult situation.

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