This article is from Aug 16, 2020

Muslim woman breaks Ganesha idols | Bahrain police take action.

A video of a Muslim woman wearing a burqa breaking and destroying Ganesha’s idols kept for sale in a shop on August 22 has gone viral on social networking sites, including WhatsApp and Facebook. Followers also asked to post about it.

In the video, a woman breaks the idols where she is talking some Foreign language, so it was understandable that the incident did not take place in India. While searching for it, it was learned that the incident took place in the country of Bahrain.

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“In connection with the video, which was spread on social media, a 54-year-old woman was arrested for deliberately damaging a shop and breaking religious idols in Juffair. Legal action is being taken to bring her to trial” said on the Internet.

According to the Twitter page of the Interior Ministry of Bahrain, the police have taken legal action against the 54-year-old woman who damaged the shop in Juffair.

Twitter link | archive link 

The social media also praised the Bahrain police for taking immediate action in the incident. At the same time, without knowing the location where the incident took place, some people are sharing it as the incident happened in India. Anyone who commits acts that insult other religions is reprehensible. Appropriate action should be taken against those involved in such acts.

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