This article is from Oct 17, 2021

Did Seeman say that Christians and Muslims should return to their base religion ?

There are several accusations on NTK Coordinator Seeman among political parties and on social media that he is associated with BJP and RSS. Seeman also retaliates it often.

Meanwhile, ABP Nadu Channel published a video claiming that Seeman asks Christians and Muslims to return to their base religion, and it has lead to discussions on social media platforms. Few of the social media users seem to comment that Seeman is moving towards Arjun Sampath’s association as he claimed earlier.

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During an interview on October 16th, in Nandambakkam Palm Market festival, Chennai, Seeman said (at 23.22th minute), “We are Tamils, our samayam is different, way of worshipping is different. We are sure of it. No matter if I fail or succeed, but when it comes to recovering, should recover my samayam, my philosophical theory and everything. We are Saivites.

When we took my son to the Vadapalani Murugan temple, the priest asked about our Gothram. I replied that we belong to Siva Gothram as I am from Siva samayam. I have the property bond of my father. Come, let me show you the bond where you can see Siva Gothram written on it. But today it is being written as ‘as per Hindu law’. But during those days it was written as ‘Siva Samayam’. We, in Siva samayam worship Lord Shiva, Saivaites worship Lord Murugan, and Vainavites worship Maayon. We call it Maaliyam in proper Tamil. This is how Samayam works.

We, including Buddhists, Sikhs, Saivaites, Parsi are considered Hindus because of the signature of Willian Jones. But as per history, we are not Hindus, and we are Hindus as per the law passed by the British. I do not support it, I am against it.

Tamils are not Hindus. Christians and Muslims do not belong to Tamil Samayam. One is European religion and the other is Arabian religion. My samayam is Saivam, Sivasamayam and Maaliyam. If you speak about recovering it without knowing the details, I ask you to come back, like returning to palm sugar from white sugar. That is why I am insisting”.

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