VHP District Secretary conspires to extort money from all Christian institutions with false sexual allegations

Vishwa Hindu Parishad worker, Muthuvel has been arrested for planning to extort 25 lakhs by raising sexual allegations against Christian schools.

In January 2022, a class 12 student studying in a Christian school in Michaelpatti, Thanjavur district committed suicide by consuming pesticide. A video of the school girl taken before her death mentioning that Sagayamary, the school hostel warden forced her to change religion went viral on social media. BJP State President, Annamalai also posted this on Twitter.

After that, another video of the girl’s speech was also released. The student did not mention anything about conversion in this particular video. In this case, the cell phone of Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s district secretary Muthuvel, who took the video of the student’s speech that went viral, was handed over for investigation. 4 videos have been taken in it.

The first video contains the personal details of the student. The second video was taken in which the student did not mention anything about religious conversion. It was found that the third video is where the student said that she was forced to change her religion and the fourth video contains the speech of the student’s step mother. It was also revealed that the claim that the student committed suicide as she was forced to change her religion was false.

Extortion Plan

Meanwhile, an audio has been released in which Vishwa Hindu Parishad Muthuvel talks about the plan to extort money from a priest. It can be heard, “We are giving you 5 lakh rupees. We provide all the flex and posters. They say that they are ready to pay all the expenses for the protest.

Let’s see if we can do something about it. I will send you a notice. If he asks you not to do anything by giving something, get it for you and as well as me. Get Rs.25 lakh. That man has money. What happened in Michaelpatti and what happened here, both are true. God only knows everything.

‘Action should be taken against the priest who molests Hindu girls in Ariyalur school. Beware, Hindus in this school. Be alert! Do not join your kids’, if printed in general like this, it would suit all the Christian schools like Manford and Nirmala schools. It will burn at the Tamil Nadu level. I will be able to organize protests on this issue across Tamil Nadu. If you do this properly, you can earn, and I can earn.”

Dominic Savio, the priest of St. Lourdes Church and principal of RC School, has filed a complaint at the Ariyalur police station about Muthuvel’s plan.

He has mentioned in his complaint that Muthuvel was the cause of protests across the country during the suicide of the Michaelpatti student and now that he is trying to extort money by charging him with crimes like rape and violence. Muthuvel has been arrested on the basis of the audio released after this.

It has been exposed that those who tried to turn the school girl’s suicide into a religious issue, have now filed false complaints against the Christian schools, thereby extorting lakhs of money and destroying the religious harmony in the society.

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