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Did the NTK Party candidate pay Rs.100 fine for playing Rummy?

It is mandatory for candidates to provide details including their pending criminal cases and property value in the affidavit submitted with the nomination for the 2021 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election.

In that sense, the fact that a candidate of the Naam Tamilar Party mentioned in his affidavit that he had been fined for playing cards in public is going viral on the internet.

In Virudhunagar district Sattur constituency, a candidate is contesting on behalf of the NTK Party. In his affidavit dated March 15, he said, “A case has been registered alleging that he played cards in public in 2012. A fine of Rs. 100 was imposed on him on June 4, 2012, in the Sattur court. He has also paid the fine. ”

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Earlier, a rumour was circulating before the filing of the nomination that the Election Commission had declared 234 candidates of the NTK Party as having no criminal record.

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It is controversial that we mentioned in the nomination of Seeman, the coordinator of the NTK Party, that the annual income is 1000 rupees. It was denied by supporters as it was an amount of income tax paid.

Later, Seeman re-filed the revised candidacy. However, it is noteworthy that the nomination has been accepted on March 15 stating that the annual income is 1000 rupees.

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