This article is from Jun 13, 2021

Fact Check: Did the Covid Vaccination causes Magnetism in the body?

A video by Nashik man showing off his “magnetics sense” and released that in a video on social media, following this video, news media reported this as “magnetic force builds up in his body after being vaccinated against corona” has been widely shared on social media.

After the corona vaccine, some people experience side effects such as fever and body aches. But many posts claim something against the vaccine is constantly attracting attention on social networking sites.

Arvind Sonar, 71, from Nashik, Maharashtra, shared a video of himself sticking metal objects such as spoons and coins all over his body, claiming that he had magnetic force after being vaccinated. It went viral, so the BBC, News18 and many other Marathi news outlets interviewed Sonar and nicknamed him “Magnetic Man”.

Real-life Magneto! Nashik man claims to have developed magnetism after taking Covishield; watch video

But when the Fact-checking network ‘Boom’ contacted his family about the news, they said, “We never said it was due to the vaccines, and blamed the news agencies for spreading it without verification.” His son Jayant said, “We checked a message shared on WhatsApp, metals didn’t stick to my mom’s hand but the metals (stainless steel) stuck to my dad’s body. We asked scientists and doctors about it and they denied that it was caused by the vaccine. ” he said.

Can a person be magnetized by the COVID-19 vaccine?

Dr. Babusaheb a Medical Officer at Nashik, said, “So far more than 4 lakh people in our district have been vaccinated against Covid here but, No one has ever received such a complaint. This ‘magnetic ability’ is not related to the vaccine. We have sent a team to research this. ”

The Central Center for Disease Control and Prevention in India has already published a news item about this topic titled “Does the COVID-19 vaccine make a person magnetic?”, In which “COVID-19 vaccines do not have the ability to create an electromagnetic field after the injection. Not all COVID-19 vaccines contain raw materials such as metal. The COVID-19 vaccine does not have a magnetic field. ” As reported.

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) has also denied the allegations as “false claim”.




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