This article is from Dec 11, 2020

Why this much of hate speech against cricket player Natarajan?

Salem Chinnappampatti Thangaraj Natarajan has been receiving attention and praise, not only from the Indian fans but also from the international cricketers as he has recorded his success as a bowler in the Indian cricket team. He played well in the IPL and also showing good play by taking advantage of an unexpected opportunity in the Indian team.

Natarajan’s performances and memes were heaped on social media as he was interviewed in Tamil on television after the release of his best performance in the 20-20 over series against Australia. On the other hand, the Tamil media also published news for their part.

Natarajan’s mother who continues to run his own Chili Chicken shop despite the fact that his son is playing for the Indian team, has been receiving rave reviews. At the same time, some are unleashing hate speech against Natarajan based on politics and caste.

Natarajan shared the photos taken on December 10 in Sydney on his Twitter page. In the news on Asianet Tamil website with the photos, they have published a news item titled as follow,

The screenshot ( Archive link ) of the news has gone viral with condemnations on social media, then they have edited the article as “Chinnappampatti Thangarasu Nadarajan in a chilly look” after the title went controversy…

Archive link 

Even in that message, they have written as mentioned in the previous title as regarding Natarajan’s glasses, tattoos and a guy who do not know English are expressing a negative opinion.

Tattooing is common for most cricketers. The uniqueness of an athlete in his or her sport, not in English speaking.

Similarly, a screenshot of Natarajan’s tweet that some commented on his colour, below the photos he shared on his Twitter has gone viral on social media.

That tweet comment made on Natarajan’s Twitter page has been deleted. @ aravinth1107 the Twitter ID, by checking this Twitter account operated in the name aaravinthan is changed as “sangi”. Natarajan’s ID in the tweet and reply of that featured posts arguing inappropriate words with others.

Everyone knew that Natarajan came from a simple family. Coming from such a family background and moving forward with his hard earned money it is his self-interest to wear glasses, wear shoes, get tattoos and why not switch to a more comfortable life. Even if you do not enjoy watching it, just at least not to express violence and abusive opinion.

Beyond that, things like this can only be seen as an expression of the sheer irritability. If we look at whether all this has progressed, it will sow unwanted violence in society. It is best to greet such simple human beings when they arise. It is also unreasonable that even the press to write about Natrajaran’s growth in inappropriate words.

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