Viral video claims denial of ration to people not buying national flag… Haryana government refuses… What happened?

Prime Minister Modi had called everyone for hoisting the national flag in their home on the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day. With a few days to Independence Day, a video of some people saying that they could get ration products only if they buy the national flag for 20 rupees in a ration shop is going viral in India.

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As soon as this video went viral, mentioning that ration items will be provided only if the national flag is purchased, strong criticism started to rise against the ruling BJP government. Various questions were raised as to why should not the government give a national flag free of cost to the people, which asks for the hoisting of the national flag at everyone’s house.

What happened?

A ration depot holder in Hemda village in Karnal district of BJP-ruled Haryana sold the national flag saying that if people did not buy the flag for Rs 20, they would not be given ration goods.

”As the matter went viral across the country, the district administration immediately suspended the holder’s license. The district administration has distributed 88,400 national flags to ration depots and those who wish can buy them for Rs.20 each”, said Karnal District Deputy Commissioner Anish Yadav.

But in an interview given to a local reporter by the owner of the ration depot in the viral video, he stated, “I have clearly mentioned that the flag will cost Rs 20 as there is a government order. We will not provide rations to those who do not buy a flag for 20 rupees. The inspector of the department has issued an order that it is mandatory for those who come to buy ration products to buy the flag. We have to follow the government orders,” he said.

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However, ”people should buy national flag only if they want. The tricolour flag is displayed at PDS centres for the convenience of the people. The rest of the flags will be returned after August 15, said the spokesperson of the Haryana government”, according to the Indian Express.

Also, PIB Fact Check tweeted, “Some social media posts claim that Govt of India has instructed denial of ration to people not buying national flag. The claim is not true. No such instruction has been given by GoI. Errant ration shop has been suspended for violating orders of Govt & misrepresenting facts”.

The owner of the ration depot has said that the government has issued an order that ration goods will be issued only if a national flag is bought by paying Rs.20. However, the government has not issued any such order, the Haryana government has clarified that only those who wish can buy the national flag by paying 20 rupees.


Haryana suspends licence of ration depot holder who forced customers to buy national flag to get provisions

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