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What are the public sector assets that will be privatised to raise funds worth 6-lakh crores?

BJP government has informed in 2021-22 budget about monetising public sector assets to develop India’s infrastructure.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman has launched a 6-lakh crore worth National Monetisation Pipeline plan to privatise government assets including roads, railways, power generation and transmission, mining, aviation and others.

The National Monetisation Pipeline is aimed to monetise the government assets in the next 4 years.

BBC News reported that Nirmala Sitaraman said, “Government assets that are not in use will be privatised under this plan. However, the ownership of the assets remains with the government. The assets are to be returned to the government once the agreed time expires. This plan monetises roads, railways, power generation and other such assets in the next four financial years”.

What assets?

NITI Aayog website has given the details that funds will be raised through privatising assets including roads, railways, power generation and transmission, mining, aviation, natural gas pipeline, telecom, warehousing, ports, stadiums and real estate.

The worth of government assets that will be privatized are as follows:

1. Roads – 26,700 km assets worth Rs.1,60,200 crores
2. Railways – 400 railway stations, 90 trains etc., worth Rs.1,52,496 crores
3. Power distribution – 28,608 circuit km worth Rs.45,200 crores
4. Power generation – 6.5 GW power generation assets worth Rs. 39,832 crores
5. Natural gas pipeline – 8,154 km pipeline worth Rs.24,462 crores
6. Product pipeline/others – 3,930 km pipeline worth Rs.22,504 crores
7. Telecom – 2.89 lakh km Bharatnet fiber, 14,197 BSNL & MTNL towers worth Rs.35,100 crores
8. Warehousing – 210 lakh metric ton (LMT) worth Rs.28,900 crores
9. Mining – 190 plans worth Rs.28,747 crores
10. Aviation – 25 airports worth Rs.20,782 crores
11. Ports – 31 plans in 9 major ports worth Rs.12,828 crores
12. Stadiums – 2 National stadiums and 2 regional centres worth Rs.11,540 crores

As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, Chennai, Madurai, Trichy and Coimbatore airports. 3 plans in Tuticorin V.O.C port, Nilgiri hill railway project are listed to be privatised.

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