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Government’s proposal to close the National Disabled Development Foundation as a part of austerity measures.

The National Trust is the legal body under the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. Its legal function is to carry out legal and welfare activities related to the development of the disabled.

The National Disabled Development Foundation for the Welfare of People with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Illness and multiple Disabilities was passed in Parliament in 1999.

Currently, the proposal to revoke the National Trust Act 1999 is on the side of the Union Ministry of Finance. The project proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment on behalf of the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance as part of the ongoing austerity measures.

There are many arrangements and programs in the NDA to help people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities. The proposal to revoke the National Trust Act 1999 has drawn strong criticism from leading disability rights groups.

Parivaar, a national organization of parents of children with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities, has expressed opposition to the project and called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene directly in the matter, calling for the continuation of the National Trust Act 1999 and related programs.

“These are the most backward sections of the society, so we urge the government not to do this,” said Upadhyay, general secretary of Parivaar Bengal.

Key Features of NDA Law:

Guardian: People with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities need lifelong support to make decisions. This is being implemented by the NDA through local groups.

Shelter: Under the Gharonda program, parents set up centres together.

Insurance: Early intervention for children under the age of six is available under the Niramaya scheme. More than one lakh people have benefited under this scheme.

Commenting on the repeal of the National Trust Act 1999, Deepak, the founder of the December 3 movement, said, “This is a misconduct of the central government. At the UN agreement, they are claiming to do certain things for the disabled people. It is a misconception of the government to look at spending when it has to do with children with mental illness, children with autism, multiple disabilities, and cerebral palsy.

The Prime Minister’s “Mann Ki Baat” program shows hey mentioned disabled people as divine aspect but the government does not have the right outlook to talk about people with disabilities and to close down a national trust, which has been looking after the rights and even medical expenses of the disabled in various matters related to the protection of the disabled and finances, as an unnecessary expense.

Expenditure on the Prime Minister’s flight, the maintenance of the Presidential Palace, security, governors ‘expenses, government ceremonies, and ministers’ air travel would not be even 1 / 100th of the cost. Similarly, a few days ago they were trying to dilute the law they brought in 2016 which can be taken as a criminal case by scolding the disabled with their disability. Because of that, they said, only then would foreign investment come to this country. They have taken it after people reacted against it. Similarly, the Central Government has not appointed a Chairman to the National Trust for the last 6 years and has not allocated proper funds. The tax on equipment used by the disabled was reduced after a hard struggle. It has nothing to do with the speech and action of the central government. ”

Speaking to senior journalist Balabharati said, “It was only after the formation of the National Trust Board that we were able to come up with an order on what to do with children with intellectual disabilities at the national level. Vajpayee passed the plan in his last parliamentary session when he was prime minister. Vajpayee’s plan, especially for children with intellectual disabilities in India, could be harmful if the board closes in on what appears to be a lack of funding for intellectually disabled children.

In general, you and I can easily take out insurance, but it is not so easy for transgender people. The insurance scheme for them was brought by the National Trust. Here in the villages, training centres were set up in the area for the poor and disadvantaged, and financial assistance was provided to set up training centres. The revoke of the National Trust Act is a betrayal of the intellectually developed people in this country. ”

Youturn Editor Ian Karthikeyan has questioned the government’s move to abolish the National Trust for Persons with Disabilities. The Government says that it was an austerity measure, but they buy private aircraft for the Prime Minister, President and Vice President of India. We also urge the central government to give up its attempt to revoke the National Trust Act.

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