This article is from Apr 04, 2021

Minister Pandiyarajan released the edited video of late student Anitha for the campaign!

AIADMK Minister Pandiyarajan has posted a 45-second edited video on his Twitter page in support of AIADMK and speaking against DMK, with student Anitha who committed suicide for the NEET exam.

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In the edited video, they dubbed as she said, “The fact that 427 poor students study medicine every year is unprecedented in the history of Tamil Nadu. This opportunity was given by Jayalalithaa. The DMK is unforgivable for ruining the lives of 17 people. The finger ink in your hand is our life. Unforgettable .. Unforgivable DMK ”has been edited as Anitha speaking in the background.

Minister MAFOI Pandiyarajan’s official Twitter page did not provide a title or any other permanent information for the video. There has been strong opposition on social media to the release of a video created with the late student Anitha. Also, Anitha’s brother Mani Ratnam has lodged a complaint against MAFOI Pandiyarajan.

The photo of Anitha, who committed suicide due to not being able to study medicine, was used in DMK’s anti-NEET advertisements. Currently, they are using the edited video for the campaign as Anitha speaks in support of AIADMK. It is objectionable for any party to advertise a woman who has died for political gain.

Additional information:

Minister MAFOI Pandiyarajan has released a video 12 hours after the release of the edited video of late student Anitha and also that tweet has been deleted.

Twitter link | Archive link  

In the video, he posted, “There was a tweet about NEET on my Twitter page this morning. That has nothing to do with me. This tweet came without my permission. We’ll Find out how it came about and take action on those who did it. I have no intention of slandering anyone under any circumstances. Those who have done this will be identified and appropriate action will be taken, ”he said.

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