This article is from Jul 30, 2021

NEET cleared students struggling in their acadamics – AK Rajan committee member !

Tamil Nadu government is against the NEET exam for medical students. DMK promises to abolish NEET before coming to power but couldn’t cancel it this year which made other parties criticise DMK for it.

DMK government had set up a high-level committee led by retired judge AK Rajan to study the impact of NEET. This committee has submitted 165 pages report post-study to the Tamil Nadu government which also includes the opinion of around 86000 people.

Educationist Jawahar Nesan, a member of the AK Rajan committee said that the MBBS students who cleared the NEET exam, score less in their exams when compared to that of the students who got admitted with 12th marks.

When we spoke with him on this, he said, “Students learn physics, chemistry and biology in their 12th class and MBBS first year teaches them the additional information on the basics of the mentioned subjects which doesn’t have a major difference. Wherein during the second year of MBBS the students need to think on their own which created a difference in marks between NEET cleared students and the ones who got admitted with 12th marks.

We have mentioned the worse performance of NEET cleared students in the report submitted. When we considered the before and after NEET scenario of the students in 16 government medical colleges in Tamil Nadu, we found the variation in the scores of NEET passed students in their second year of study. Data with various probabilities are included in the report. Tamil Nadu government would soon release the report”.

During the debates about NEET, we can hear that the exam is to mould talented doctors. But we have already published an article stating that even the students who have good scores in a particular subject and negative scores in the other subjects are enrolled in medical courses.

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With the information from Jawahar Nesan, a question has been raised on the skills of NEET cleared students. It is also must to know the reasons behind. The data included in the report along with the reasons would be revealed when the Tamil Nadu government releases the report submitted by the AK Rajan committee.

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