This article is from Sep 23, 2021

NEET Scam: 50 lakhs for impersonation, CBI reports !

NEET exam was held on September 12th across India. And several complaints about cheating have been raised after the exam.

CBI has filed a case against the students and Parimal Kotpalliwar, Director of R.K.Education Career Guidance in Nagpur, Maharashtra, for indulging in impersonation to write NEET exams. The director has charged 50 lakh rupees per student to involve in such fraudulent activities.

The institute has charged up to 50 lakhs to admit students to the government medical colleges and to write NEET exams through impersonation. The academy has made the required changes in the students’ application forms in order to get the exam centres as they except.

The photographs in the application forms were changed as per the impersonators’, and fake identity cards were printed for them as per the Aadhar details of the students. It is said that the impersonators were paid Rs.1 lakh. CBI has confirmed that the institute has accepted its act of providing answers to a few students.

CBI also has informed that they got a piece of information on 5 impersonators attending the NEET exam in an exam centre and the CBI team was waiting in the centre to arrest them, but knowing the plan, the impersonators stayed out of the centre.

After this, CBI has checked the institute and filed a case against the director Parimal Kotpalliwar and the students.

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Another such fraudulent act of leaking NEET question paper for 35 lakhs has come out recently. Though people involving in such cheats are being arrested, students tend to proceed with it.

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The retired judge A.K.Rajan’s report on the impact of NEET in poor rural students says that they are highly affected. And the Tamil Nadu government also has passed a bill against NEET with the report.

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