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Proof compilation of an explanation video on NEET supporting rumours !

We have published an explanation video titled ‘NEET supporting rumours’ recently and here is the compilation of the proofs mentioned in the video.

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Sumanth C Raman

When Sumanth C Raman commented on the NEET report submitted by the retired judge A.K.Rajan and committee, he said that there are details for just 2 years before NEET for the government school students where it is available for 10 years in the other tables. But the issue is not related only to the government school students. We have already spoken about the impacts of NEET on the government school students, poor and rural students, Tamil medium students with the data from RTI as evidence. Now, the A.K.Rajan committee’s report has given a better answer for it. But do not know why Sumanth C Raman is not speaking about the data.

He has questioned, on what basis the report has mentioned that 99% of the students clear the NEET exam after attending coaching classes. But Chennai High Court has said, in 2019 students who pay lakhs to the coaching centres are the beneficiaries of the NEET exam.

He also has questioned on what basis it is said that rural students would work in rural areas where urban students will not work in rural areas.

‘The Lancet’ which writes in detail about Medicine and Hygiene, in an article published in 2015, “India still struggles with rural doctor shortages. City-bred and educated doctors are not willing to serve in rural areas”.

‘Globalhealthnow’ website has briefly discussed in February 2015, the issue of the rural doctor shortage in India.


When Rangaraj commented on the NEET report submitted by A.K.Rajan and the committee, he said, 21000 out of 86000 respondents have supported NEET. 65000 respondents are the parents of students who do not have Science as a subject, where the 21000 NEET supporting respondents are the parents of students who study Science. He has allegedly said as 65000 respondents are parents of students with no science background, but he did not provide any proof.

He said, Tamil medium students have reduced after 2017, and they have started to move towards CBSE. A.K.Rajan’s report has given the split-up of government, CBSE, matriculation schools in Tamil Nadu. The count of CBSE schools in Tamil Nadu is less. Only 2.1% is CBSE schools.

Less than 1% of students from CBSE joined medical courses before the NEET exam where the joining percentage has increased above 30% from the 2.1% schools post-NEET.

The NEET report by A.K.Rajan also says about the increase in Forward caste students of the General category getting admitted in medical courses post-NEET.

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