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Indians going to Nepal for petrol… Nepal’s action on increasing smuggling!

In many states of India, petrol and diesel are being sold at over Rs 90 a litre. People are dissatisfied with the continuous rise in petrol and diesel prices. In this situation, petrol and diesel brought to India from neighbouring Nepal are being smuggled.

In Nepal, a litre of petrol sells for 110 Nepali currency. People living in the border areas are flocking to the country as petrol costs only Rs 70 and diesel Rs 60 a litre in India. In this, Nepal buys refined petrol and diesel from India. In a small country like Nepal, demand and prices are low. However, fuel demand in India is high.

The border area is favourable for those who go to Nepal to buy petrol and diesel as a fair Indian rupee. Although lorries and two-wheelers from India are said to be illegal to go to stocks along the Nepalese border to refuel petrol and diesel, it is also emerging as a counterfeit market. The highest incidence is in Bihar and Uttarakhand.

Demand for petrol from across the border is also on the rise due to the sharp rise in fuel prices in northern Bihar. A person has told a news site that he travels to Nepal 5 times a day on a two-wheeler and sells petrol for 70-95 rupees, which he buys for 70 rupees. Retail sale of petrol and diesel at low prices on the roadsides in some areas.

They also go to Nepal to refuel vehicles in Uttarakhand. The owner of a petrol station in Tanakpur told the New Indian Express that 15-20% of sales would be affected as people go to Nepal for cheaper petrol.

Kishanganj SP, Kumar Ashish told the Hindustan Times that patrolling in the border area has been intensified and all police stations have been instructed to carry out patrols.

Last week, a large oil truck loaded with 1,360 liters (359 gallons) of diesel was smuggled into India from Nepal, according to a police report.

The Government of Nepal has also imposed some restrictions to restrict the flow of petrol and diesel from India to Nepal. The Nepal Oil Corporation has announced that Indian vehicles should not be given more than 100 liters in petrol stocks and petrol and diesel in gallons.

The smuggling of petrol and diesel from the Indian border to Nepal since 2018. At that time, the petrol price was Rs 85 in India and Rs 65 in Nepal.

Political parties have also questioned the comparison of petrol prices in India and Nepal on social media. To the question raised in this regard, “It is wrong to compare India with countries with people who use less petrol and diesel. Products that generally consume more fuel tend to be more expensive. In India, kerosene sells for Rs 32 a litre, while in Nepal and Bangladesh it costs between Rs 57 and Rs 59, ”said Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

Going to Nepal to buy petrol and diesel from India, Indians have been teasing and mocking on social media. However, due to rising prices, petrol and diesel are being smuggled across the Indo-Nepal border.

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