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Nestle admits 60% of Nestle’s food is unhealthy!

Nestle, one of the most popular food brand admits themselves as 60% of their own food items such as Maggi noodles and KitKat is unhealthy. This has caused a stir with reports which states that most of its products are unhealthy.

The London-based Financial Times presented a video presentation of the company’s top executives in charge regarding the quality of Nestle’s food products.

In it, Nestle acknowledges that more than 60 per cent of its food and beverage products “do not meet the approved criteria for health” and that “no matter how much they renew some of their food products are, it will never be healthy.”

And with the exception of some products made for pet food and nutrition, 37% of the company’s food rating is above 3.5 out of 5 under Australia’s Health Star rating which is not a good rating. 

Details reported in the report:

Nestle’s 96% of beverages and 99% of confectionery and ice creams (excluding pure coffee products) do not meet the approved health limit

Many of the best-selling Nestle products in the UK are rated Risk by the Food Standards System for sugar, salt and fat. The four-row KitKat contains 20 grams of sugar, which is approximately equal to five teaspoons of sugar.

Water and dairy products score better compared to other products. 82 per cent of water-based products and 60 per cent of dairy products meet the criteria.

Not all of the data included on Nestle’s health sciences divisions like baby food raw materials, pet food and speciality foods for people with specific medical conditions are not included in that data. Based on this, it contains the quality standards of the most widely purchased food items. It is noteworthy that the company earns more than half its annual revenue (72.7 billion) from food products alone.

He added, “We have made significant improvements in our products. Yet we have not reached the definition of external health in this period of the increasing pressure of regulatory action and consumer demand. We have less performance, ”Nestle acknowledged in the video.

He added, “We have been working on an institutional level plan to improve nutrition and health. For decades, our efforts have been building a solid foundation. . . For example, in the last two decades, we have significantly reduced the sugars and sodium in our products, and in the last seven years alone we have reduced them by about 14-15 per cent. ” Nestle stated in the report.

The company’s chief executive, Mark Schneider, acknowledged that consumers want healthy food. However, he dismissed claims that ‘processed’ foods produced by Nestle and other multinationals were unhealthy.

This is not the first time such allegations have been levelled at Nestle, which operates on the premise of “good food, good life”. It is noteworthy that after research revealed that Maggi noodles were already substandard in India, it was banned from selling and then re-marketed within a few months after being reviewed as it having been upgraded.

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