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“Just be alive for the next 3 years” Nithyananda’s old video going viral!

In 2018, Nithyananda said, “Bestay alive for the next 3 years and do not die, I reach wherever you are with enlightenment”

Troll memes and videos of Nithyananda & Kailash fleeing India are one of the most frequently trended tweets on social media.

Now, before coming to Corona, you are jokingly editing and spreading a small selection from Nithyananda’s speech, “Stay alive for the next 3 years, don’t die.” However, doubts have arisen on social networking sites as to whether this is an old video, edited or said by Corona.

Fact Check:

While searching for Nithyananda’s talk video, they have taken and edited a small excerpt from the video titled “Just Be Alive For The Next 3 Years – Vijaya Dashami 2018 Message” released on KAILASA’s SPH Nithyananda Channel in October 2018. Watch the whole thing as he speaks.

“Don’t die in the next three years, stay alive. I guarantee you. I will come to you wherever you are. I will meet you with enlightenment. ”

Commenting on the video of Nityananda speaking in 2018, India Today reported, “Swami Nityananda will find you and open your third eye in 2021.” We do not recommend that anyone die for the next three years. Let’s check out Nithyananda’s fantastic free offer. You can only see with your two eyes and there is no harm in living for the next three years. We know that Einstein was right and Nityananda was wrong. There is nothing wrong with proving him wrong again. ”

Commenting on the video being trolled on social media and in the news, Nithyananda said, “I’m putting this in public, just stay alive and not die in the next 3 years. The Lord will come to you with enlightenment and science. ”

They are taking a small excerpt from the video of Nithyananda speaking in 2018 and sharing it as Corona predicted. He did not mention anything about corona in the video. Nithyananda says that you will attain enlightenment in 3 years. As he said, 3 years is to be completed and so far no wisdom does not seem to have been attained.

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Just Be Alive For The Next 3 Years – Vijaya Dashami 2018 Message

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