Odisha tops the Ganja seizure list, not Tamil Nadu as Annamalai claims.

On February 12th, the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly convened. As it is the first meeting of the year, it is customary to start with the Governor’s speech. The speech prepared by the government will mention the details of the achievements of the government and the important plans to be implemented in the future. Governor R.N. Ravi did not read the prepared speech in full and left the meeting after reading only a few comments in the first part.

Tamil Nadu BJP State President Annamalai had said in a press conference that the DMK had lied in the Governor’s speech. Additionally, it has come to our attention that Annamalai has misrepresented facts regarding law and order, claiming that Tamil Nadu is the cannabis capital. Let’s investigate Annamalai’s claims.

Is Tamil Nadu the capital of cannabis?

In the Governor’s speech, it was mentioned that the state government gives priority to the maintenance of law and order and religious harmony. In this regard, the statement issued by Annamalai said, ‘After coming to power, what has the DMK achieved except for turning Tamil Nadu into a cannabis capital?’

The Tamil Nadu Police has taken various measures to prevent the sale and smuggling of ganja. According to the data released by the Narcotics Control Unit of India, 18,687 kg of ganja has been seized in Tamil Nadu from June 2020 to May 2021. It is noteworthy that the AIADMK government was in power in Tamil Nadu at that time. The DMK government came to power only in May 2021.

During that period, most of the ganja was seized in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh with 1,72,186 and 1,43,012 kg respectively. Tamil Nadu ranks 14th in a state-wise list based on the weight of cannabis seized.

Similarly, between June 2021 and May 2022, 20,707 kg of ganja was seized in Tamil Nadu. Andhra Pradesh (178,804) and Odisha (175,242) recorded the highest number of seizures that year.

Finally, from June 2022 to May 2023, 5,276 kg of ganja has been seized in Tamil Nadu. 2,41,857 kg has been seized in Odisha.

When drug-related cases are registered between June 2020 and May 2021, Uttar Pradesh (9,131) ranks first and Punjab (7,764) ranks second. Tamil Nadu is in the 3rd position with 5,683 cases.

Next year (2021 June – 2022 May) the top three states are Kerala (14,134), Punjab (10,178), and Uttar Pradesh (8,370) respectively. Tamil Nadu is in the 5th position with 5,552 cases.

Finally, from June 2022 to May 2023, only 532 drug-related cases have been registered in Tamil Nadu (21st place).

In comparison to other states, Tamil Nadu has fewer cases and less ganja seized, according to the Narcotics Control Unit. This implies that Annamalai’s assertion that Tamil Nadu is the capital of Ganja is a lie.

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The BJP state president Annamalai has a history of spreading false information and lying. Nowadays, it has become a habit for Annamalai to speak lies at press conferences.

Analysis of his misleading information is regularly posted as articles on the YouTurn website.

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