Does it take 196 litres of water to produce a single egg?

A young man speaking on stage said, “Water bodies have disappeared. It is said that 196 litres of water is used to produce and sell an egg that we eat. 2 thousand crore eggs are produced and sold annually. Tamil Nadu meets 90% of India’s egg demand,” in the video. This has been criticized on social media and is going viral.

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The person speaking in the viral video is said to be a member of the Naam Tamilar Katchi and they are criticizing the Party based on what he said in the video.

What is the truth?

While searching for the talk that 196 litres of water is needed to produce an egg, it was found that this has been criticized on social media since 2016. But we couldn’t verify the party to which the person belongs and we don’t have the complete video of his speech.

When searching further, in 2013, “196 litres of virtual water is needed to produce an egg!”, ‘The Hindu’ has published an article in Tamil on the topic of “virtual water”.

In the article, “Maharashtra ranks first in egg production in India. Second place to Namakkal. 3 crore eggs are produced per day at Namakkal.

196 litres of virtual water is required to produce an egg that weighs 60 grams on average. How is the minimum price of 196 litres of water equal to three rupees for an egg? One gram of protein in an egg requires 29 litres of virtual water. The water consumption for the production of one kg of broiler chicken is 4,325 litres.”

The water used behind the formation of a material is called virtual water. For example, when a food product or car requires a large amount of water to produce, the importing country saves the water (virtual water) required to produce the product by importing it. Talks about virtual water have been going on for years.

On the US Geological Survey’s website, in a question-and-answer section about the water used to produce a product, it states that “50 gallons (189 litres) of water per egg is the correct answer, and most of the water is used to feed the chicken.”

All these people who talk about virtual water refer to the use of water behind the formation of such a thing as an example. Often, the amount of water used to make a car is cited as an example of virtual water.


ஒரு முட்டை உற்பத்திக்கு தேவை 196 லிட்டர் மறை நீர்!

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