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Pandora Papers: Secret investment, properties… The list has the names of Sachin, Anil Ambani !

A list that shows the details of investments made secretly by politicians, businessmen and other celebrities across the world, is released recently. The list contains the names of 300 Indians including the God of Cricket Sachin.

The 150 media partners of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) including BBC, England’s The Guardian, India’s The Indian Express obtained 1.90 crore documents from 14 International companies from the countries including the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Belize, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, which involved an investigation of around 600 journalists from 117 countries and has released Pandora Papers.

‘Pandora Papers’ contains the names of 300 Indians including Indian Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, Businessmen Anil Ambani, Nirav Modi’s sister.

It is in the Pandora Papers that Sachin Tendulkar has invested in a company in the British Virgin Islands and has asked to dissolve the company 3 months after Panama Papers were released in 2016.

Similarly, Anil Ambani who reported bankruptcy in England Court owns 18 assets in sea-based companies, and Nirav Modi’s sister has built a Trust a month before he escaped from the country.

As per the ICIJ list, “In the secret documents, Kind of Jordan Abdullah, Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie Blair, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Governor of the countries like Ukraine, Kenya, Ecuador, Czech Republic’s Prime Minister, Pop Singer Shakira and financial statements of 130 other rich people from countries like America and Turkey are included”.

Panama papers with 11.5 million secret documents and files were leaked in 2016 by ICIJ created controversies across the world. This list had the names of Indians including Amitabh Bachan, Actress Aiswarya Rai, DLF Head KP Singh and his family members, Gautam Adani’s elder brother Vinot Adani.

As per the Pandora Papers, Pakistan Politicians has used foreign companies, and it has gained the attention of the public. Ministers including the Financial Minister, Major Financial supporters of PM Imran Khan and others own a few million dollars worth of assets in companies and Trusts secretly.

Though more than 300 Indians were in the leaked data, only 4 names like Anil Ambani, Sachin, Nirav Modi’s sister, Biocon Founder Kiran Mazumdar Shaw have been made public.

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