“Which is the lower caste?” – A question in Periyar (who struggled for caste abolition) university exam paper!

“Which is the lower caste in Tamil Nadu?” – appears in a question paper given in an examination held in the university named after Periyar, who was involved in the abolition of caste by saying “Abolition of caste is social liberation” and is receiving severe criticism and condemnation.

Salem Periyar University and its affiliated colleges are conducting the second-semester examinations for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

11th question in the history question paper for second semester of MA degree of Periyar University, “Which is the lower caste in Tamil Nadu?” has been provided with options, “Mahar, Nadar, Ezhavar, Harjan”. It is shocking to know that the question was asked under the topic ‘freedom movement from 1880 to 1947’.

Social activists and social media users are condemning the controversial question asked about caste in Periyar University’s question paper, demanding that appropriate action be taken in this regard.

Meanwhile, Salem Periyar University Vice-Chancellor Jeganathan said about the controversial question, “The question paper for the exam was not prepared by Periyar University but by Professors in other Universities/Colleges. We do not read the question papers in advance as checking the question papers may create an option to get leaked. Also, we have asked the Exam Controller to investigate and submit a report on who sets the controversial question paper.”

It is worth noting that before this Tamil Nadu Social Justice Monitoring Committee investigated complaints of caste discrimination at Salem Periyar University. At present, a controversial and condemnable question regarding caste has been appeared in the Periyar University semester examination which has caused a shock.

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