This article is from Feb 21, 2021

BJP leaders’ comments on petrol price hike!

Rising petrol and diesel prices across the country are having a major impact. The ruling government remained silent despite a series of questions from the general public, political parties and social media users. At present, the central and state governments have been commenting on the rise in petrol and diesel prices for the past few days. Here is a collection of such comments.

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said, “The increase in petrol prices is embarrassing. No one can be satisfied for any reason other than reducing the price. People will not accept any other answer.

No minister can convince anyone in this matter. Petrol and diesel prices are set by the oil companies themselves. It is up to the state governments to decide whether to reduce taxes on petrol and diesel. It is up to the GST Council to decide whether to bring petrol and diesel prices under the GST. ”

BJP leader H Raja said, “Petrol price was Rs 74 at the end of Congress rule and Rs 93 today. So, it has risen by only 19 rupees in the last 7 years, it is because of inflation. Price is lower than it was in Congress. Food inflation is also lower than under the Congress rule. ”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has blamed previous governments for the rise in gas prices in India. Previous governments have not taken action to reduce India’s dependence on oil imports by 85%. ” Read the detailed article on what Prime Minister Modi said here.

Tamil Nadu BJP leader L Murugan said, “This is a temporary price hike. The international recession is the reason for the rise in petrol prices. Rising petrol and diesel prices will not affect our vote share. Petrol prices will come under control soon. For this, the state governments should reduce taxes. ”

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Central Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said, “My suggestion is that India should move towards alternative fuels. I am already campaigning to use electricity as fuel as there is surplus electricity in India. In addition, government officials must make the use of electric vehicles compulsory. ”

AIADMK minister Ma foi Pandiyarajan, who is in the BJP alliance, said “The Tamil Nadu government has no chance of reducing taxes on petrol and diesel as the government is relying on this revenue. The central government is gaining more revenue from it, so only they should take action to reduce the price of petrol and diesel” he said in an interview.

BJP leader and Bihar minister Narayan Prasad said, “Ordinary people will not be affected by the hike in petrol and diesel prices as they use public transport. The public mostly use buses, and only a few uses separate vehicles for transportation. People will get used to it.”

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