Move away without hiding the camera… Prime Minister Modi’s viral video!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi loves the camera. He is more interested in how to present himself in video and photos when the camera is on.

If someone comes in front of the camera or hides him at the programs he attends he will leave after asking them to move away. In this regard, many videos have gone viral on social networking sites.

Many government officials were waiting in a row to honour Prime Minister Modi, who left for Karnataka on June 20 when he got out of his car at the helicopter park.

Prime Minister Modi, who was near the camera at the time, saw a person standing in front of the camera and instructed him to move back. The person goes back and front in astonishment without understanding what Prime Minister Modi is saying. He finally understood what the Prime Minister said and moved backwards and stood with others. After that, Prime Minister Modi walked greeting everyone in the row.

The video, which was published on ‘TV9 Kannada’, the Karnataka news channel that recorded the Prime Minister’s visit, has gone viral on social media, including Twitter.

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