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The Central Govt. denies State’s complaining that the ventilators provided under PM Cares did not work!

Maharashtra Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant has alleged that the ventilators purchased using the BJP-led central government’s “PM Cares” fund were not working. In addition, a state-wide inquiry should be held in this regard, ‘he posted on his Twitter page.

Sachin Sawant, who posted a detailed post on his Twitter page on May 14 citing a report by medical experts appointed by the Aurangabad Government Medical College, has accused it of being a massive scam.


Aurangabad Medical Experts Report:

The report, released on May 6, states that 25 ventilators were purchased on April 12 under the name Torch CNC III. But they have been in a state of not working condition.

Following this, two people from Jyoti Thurman Ventilators tried for two days to repair the ventilators and then contacted their superiors about the need to replace some parts.

Two ventilators were repaired and sent for ICU use. But so that the oxygen saturation level of the patients is not so high.

When contacted again, the company said, “Parts have been ordered and we are talking to top officials.” Following this, the experts appointed by the Aurangabad Medical College conducted a study and published the results of the report. These ventilators do not provide therapeutic benefit for corona patients in need of oxygen. These do not provide the required “tidal size”. Therefore, it can not be used in the ICU.

In response to this Dr Harshavardhan The Union Health Ministry, released a detailed press release on May 14. Its news summary is as follows:

Ventilators manufactured by Jyoti CNC were donated to Aurangabad Medical College. They are one of the manufacturers of ventilators under “Make in India”. They are not funded under the PM Cares Fund. These ventilators were provided to them at the request of the states.

There have been some media reports that ‘Make in India’ ventilators are not working in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. These statements are baseless and inaccurate. They are written on the basis of unsubstantiated information.

On May 9, 2021, the Central Ministry of Health wrote a letter to the States and Union Territories of the helpline numbers of ventilator manufacturers. Furthermore, in order to resolve any technical issues in a timely manner, all the information on the State-wise WhatsApp groups formed with the concerned nodal officers of the states / UTs, hospital representatives and technical teams of the manufacturers has been re-provided, the report said.

Two days ago, on May 15, Prime Minister Modi chaired a high-level meeting on the Covid and vaccination situation in which he “ordered that the Prime Minister take serious note of certain reports of ventilators not being used in some states and immediately audit the installation and operation of ventilators provided by the Central Government.” The message is also featured.

Pointing to this, Sachin Sawant said, “This financial audit should have been done a year ago, but the audit alone is not enough and action should be taken against the culprits. These manufacturers may have good relations with Gujarat BJP leaders. The joint statement of the Central and State Governments will guarantee the truth. That would be in the public interest, ”he said on his Twitter page.

The states of Punjab and Rajasthan have already accused the central government of providing inactive ventilators.

During the Covid review meeting chaired by Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in the first week of April, Dr Lagan Boswal, principal of Udaipur Rabindranath Tagore Medical College, said: We have 85 ventilators under the curriculum, and in the opinion of other medical colleges besides us, they are not effective. Our anesthesiologists and intensive care physicians have no confidence in BM Cars ventilators. The ventilators run for 1-2 hours and then they stop working. ”

“We received about 1,200 ventilators from PM Cares. When we tried to use all the ventilators, all the ventilators had a problem with pressure dropping. Therefore, we have written to the Union Ministry of Health regarding this matter, ”Vaibhav Kalra, the state medical education secretary, told the Indian Express.

Of the 320 ventilators funded by PM Cares at three government medical colleges in Punjab, at least 237 were reported to be defective and inoperative. Dr Raj Bahadur, the state’s expert adviser, told The Hindu, “The medical college in Patiala has received 98 ventilators from BM Cars Fund. Although 48 of them were repaired after repairs, they have not yet been used because anesthesiologists are hopeless that they may become inactive at critical times. ”

The states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have also reported that ventilators from PM Cares have a problem with pressure dropping and are ineffective in some places.

Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang of the BJP said, “There is no information that the ventilators received from the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund are bad. We have worked to continuously improve health services in the country. The federal government has provided a large number of life-saving ventilators. Thanks to Prime Minister Modi. ”

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