This article is from Nov 24, 2020

Police inspector helped a transgender person who studied for doctor | Detailed information!

You will see the photo of a female police inspector and a transgender doctor together going viral on social media, claiming that the police have fulfilled the dream of a transgender doctor who wandered around Madurai without any support even after completing her medical studies. The image was posted on the official Facebook page of the Tamil Nadu Police with a photo.

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In it, “The police inspector who illuminated the dream of a transgender doctor’s life. Thilakar thidal Police Inspector Mrs. Kavitha says that “A transgender person who was wandering alone in the Thilakr Thidal area of ​​Madurai, she cried when we questioned him.”

Realizing her condition, the police inspector obtained all the medical certificates and verified that the information she had given was true.

Currently, that transgender person is about to start his career as a doctor. Congratulations on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Police for the transgender person who is going to work as a doctor in Madurai.”

When we contacted Madurai Thilakar thidal Police Inspector Mrs. Kavitha, on behalf of Youturn she said, “When we went on patrol, some transgender people were begging at road shops. When they were questioned, one of them said that she had studied MBBS and had been a transgender person for more than a year and could not continue to work in the clinic where she had been working as she had not received the relevant certificates. She said she was not included in his home too.

She is a graduate of Madurai Medical College in 2018. We bought and checked her medical studies certificates and inquired at the medical college. Subsequently, she was confirmed as an MBBS educated doctor.

She remained a man till his graduation from Madurai Medical College, then she has since become transgender. The same is recorded in the medical certificate as she studied medicine as a male she was unable to continue working due to lack of proper certification as a transgender.

We have taken action on behalf of the police to amend the medical certificate as a transgender person and obtain the certificates for her. She is now ready to work as a doctor.”

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