This article is from Nov 26, 2020

Political supporters competing with each other on spreading old photos!

Social media users have been spreading Nivar storm troll memes, video, and posts since the news about Nivar storm was predominant in the media. During the storm, supporters of the political party also shared old photos and could be seen trolling by the opposition.

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First, AIADMK supporters spreading a photo of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palanichamy inspecting food in the kitchen as “the chief of our people who personally visited and inspected the food being prepared to be served to the people affected by the monsoon floods”. But, it was an old photo taken at Amma unavagam.

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AIADMK supporters have been trolling and sharing the news that AIADMK’s IT-secretary Aspri Swaminathan has posted the photo on his Twitter page and the news featuring an old photo. But, Aspri Swaminathan did not have that tweet on his Twitter page and it is not sure if it was deleted.


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Second, “Our Islamic relations on the field before the storm… ” Dravida Kazhaka supporter Dr. Sundaravalli posted a photo of Islamists offering biryani on Twitter.

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The photo is also being shared on social media by Idumbavanam Karthik of Naam Tamilar Party. He also has posted this photo on his Twitter page and then deleted it.

Because this is an old photo. This has nothing to do with Nivar storm. This photo is featured on blogspot site Khan Bhagwati as a photo that helped during the flood relief work in Chennai in December 2015 . Right-wing and BJP supporters have been trolling the memes as they are now spreading the photo taken in 2015.

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Third, SG Surya, spokesperson for the Tamil Nadu BJP , posted on his Twitter page that RSS members were cleaning up Islamic and Christian places of worship and that you would not see the media talking about such photos.

The photos posted by SG Surya look like they were taken in Kerala. Similarly, these photographs were not taken recently but in Kerala 2 years ago.

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It is not known why they shared old photos of that RSS members in Kerala cleaning up the area, including a mosque and church, in Kerala two years ago as Nivar storm rescue photos. However, he did not mention that the RSS had served during the Nivar storm. At the same time, he did not specify where the photo was taken. However, many have been trolling and teasing him for sharing old photos.

Many people belonging to political parties and Muslims have served in the field during the impact of the Nivar storm in Tamil Nadu. But some of them are competing with each other only by each other in sharing old photos and trolling each other for it.

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