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Narayanasamy’s interpretation for his accusation on mistranslation!

Rahul Gandhi, a former Congress leader and MP, on his one-day visit to Pondicherry to discuss with fishermen in the village of Muthialpet. At that time, the Chief Minister of Pondicherry translated the speech of the people into English and told him.

An old woman who spoke at the time said that the coastal area is like this. Our standard of living has never improved. We are severely affected by natural disasters such as storms. None of them is supportive, even he (Chief Minister Narayanasamy) didn’t come and see us ”(can be seen in the 35th minute of the video).

Chief Minister Narayanasamy was translating what he did not say, “He says I visited the affected areas when the storm hit.” This video is going viral on social media.

There has been strong criticism on the part of political parties and Netizens that the Chief Minister is misinterpreting the accusation made by the people against them and misinterpreting it.

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Puducherry Chief Minister Narayanasamy has commented on his Twitter page that the video is going viral on social media. The woman who spoke in the viral video on social websites denied the allegation and shared a video of Raj Bhavan and others visiting coastal villages including Muthialpet during the aftermath of Nivar cyclone.

“When the woman told Rahul Gandhi that the Chief Minister had not visited their affected area, Mr Narayanasamy replied to Mr. Rahul Gandhi in an alternative meaning.

“That is to explain that I’ve told Rahul Gandhi the answer in English, and I didn’t translate the old woman’s allegation, and also I visited the coastal villages including Muthialpet during the aftermath of Nivar cyclone,” Narayanasamy said in his tweet. Instead of translating the old woman’s allegation or to replay the allegation, Narayanasamy replied to Mr Rahul Gandhi in an alternative meaning.

However, Netizens continue to spread the video in which Chief Minister Narayanasamy speaks of Rahul Gandhi being deceived and lying directly in this age of increasing social networking.

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