This article is from Dec 23, 2020

Punjab BJP uses a photo of a person who protesting for agricultural law in an advertisement!

As farmers continue to protest against the new agricultural law on the Delhi for days, the Punjab state BJP posted a pro-agrarian poster on its Facebook page entitled ” Happy Farmer “.

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But the person in the farmer’s photo used by the BJP in Punjab is not happy about this. The person in the photo is also participating in the farmers’ struggle. Harpreet Singh, popularly known as “Harp Farmer” on social media, posted an old photo on his Facebook page 5 years ago that was used in the ad without his knowledge.

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Harpreet Singh, a Punjabi visual artist, said that the BJP’s social media unit had used the photo without his permission to advertise agricultural law and was currently participating in the Delhi protests.

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The BBC Hindi channel has released an interview with Harpreet Singh, who was on the battlefield after a photo of an advertisement on the Punjab BJP’s agricultural law went viral.

After the controversy, Harpreet Singh removed the photo and posted another poster on the Punjab BJP Facebook page using the cartoon farmer’s photo.

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The right-wing support website Opindia had published an article linking other model photos on his Facebook page that Harpreet Singh may have sold his photo on the sales site. But Harpreet Singh has denied that too. He only posted this photo on his Facebook page and he tweeted that it is not for sale anywhere.

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