Do BJP members who call for a boycott know the support extended by Qatar Airways?

BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma has been suspended from the party following widespread protests over her controversial remarks about the Prophet Muhammad. There was strong condemnation from many Arab countries.

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Meanwhile, there was a trend on social media to boycott Indian products in Arab countries. Indian products were hidden in supermarkets.

In this regard, the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a summon condemning her remarks and demanding an apology from India. Thus the ruling BJP government received strong condemnation politically and on social media.

BJP supporters have taken to social media to protest against the party’s action on Nupur Sharma. In addition, BJP members, right-wing organizations and supporters began trending the hashtag #BycottQatarAirways on Twitter, calling for a boycott of Qatar Airways.

The hashtag #BycottQatarAirways has topped Twitter trending in India. The trended hashtag has the word ‘bycott’ instead of ‘boycott’ with a spell error.

Qatar Airways shipped emergency aid items from Doha, Qatar to India in April 2021, including medical equipment during the second wave of Corona for free of cost. Adding to it, India had thanked Qatar Airways for bringing in 1350 oxygen cylinders supplied from the UK in May.

Many people have taken to Twitter to point out these supports extended by Qatar Airways to remind those who trend calling for a boycott of Qatar airways.


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