BJP Nirmal Kumar spreads the picture of Rahul with his niece with improper caption and deleted the post later !

A tweet about Rahul Gandhi’s photograph by the BJP state president of information technology and social media wing, CTR Nirmal Kumar on September 18 is currently under heavy criticism.

When he first posted the photo, he tweeted it with a ‘flushed face’ emoji and deleted the tweet later.

Nirmal Kumar tweeted the same photo again captioning, “It is so pity to think of those 10 people who go on a pilgrimage with this Pappu (Rahul Gandhi) who keeps henna and plays with children”. However, he deleted this post also.

Who is the girl seen with Rahul Gandhi in the photo?

The girl sitting with Rahul Gandhi in the photo posted by BJP’s Nirmal Kumar is Miraya Vadra, daughter of Rahul Gandhi’s sister Priyanka Gandhi.

Former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s 71st birthday was celebrated on August 20, 2015, in Delhi. President Pranab Mukherjee, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and many others belonging to the Congress party have participated in it.

Also, Priyanka Gandhi’s daughter Miraya Vadra attended the event. This is the photo where Rahul Gandhi and Miraya Vadra can be seen having a conversation. There are also reports about former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s 71st birthday event and Miraya Vadra’s participation in it.

Mohammad Zubair on Nirmal Kumar’s Tweet

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Alt News co-founder Mohammad Zubair tweeted about the photograph of Rahul Gandhi posted by BJP Nirmal Kumar’s tweet as “BJP Tamilnadu IT cell head CTR Nirmalkumar shares an old and affectionate picture of Rahul Gandhi with his niece Miraya Vadra with a claim that he’s flirting with young children”.

Nirmal Kumar responded to Mohammed Zubair’s post on Twitter, “Don’t spread your Fake and false propaganda @zoo_bear, here is the translation:

“pappu seems to be happy applying henna and play with kids, worried about that 10 persons who is going yatra with pappu thinking him as a serious material”.

Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra and disinformation

Congress Member of Parliament Rahul Gandhi launched Bharat Jodo Yatra on 7th September 2022. The Yatra covers a distance of about 3,500 kilometres from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in 150 days.

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The BJP and the right-wing have been spreading false information about Rahul Gandhi and his family ever since he started Bharat Jodo Yatra.

Fake news includes Nehru in RSS uniform, a book on how to convert India to Christianity on Sonia Gandhi’s shelf, Rahul Gandhi turned around and showed his back when asked by reporters to show him the back of the poster. Youturn has debunked and published articles on the veracity of these rumours.

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Recently Nirmal Kumar posted several false information on his social media and deleted some of them. It includes a ‘Halal certified’ tag on Aavin’s cooking butter, where he questions if it is right to use government machinery for dairy minister Awadi Nasser’s bigotry. It is noteworthy that we had published the article on this fake news.

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