This article is from Jul 16, 2021

Education is the only way to eradicate caste based discrimination, says Asha Kandara. A woman’s transformation from sweeper to Deputy Collector !

Asha Kandara , a woman who used to work as a sweeper in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, has recently passed the Rajasthan Administrative Examination (RAS). She is said to be offered the post of Deputy Collector soon.

Asha, who was separated from her husband eight years ago has been raising her two children on her own. She had written the exam two years ago, and has been waiting for the results which is delayed due to the ongoing covid pandemic. In the meantime she has been accepting and doing the cleaning staff job in order to cover her family expenses.

“My motivation for continuous hard work and tremendous effort comes from the caste based discriminations I have faced. Being a single independent woman/mother who is doing a sweeping job , I have endured the utmost humiliation of the society.” said Asha whose dream was to become an IAS officer, but due to the age restrictions she cannot appear for the UPSC exams.

In an interview with the Times Now, he said, “The discrimination this society has offered me is unbearable. All these things pushed me to become something in my life and to give an appropriate response to this society that sees differences. This has now become possible only through education. I was involved in preparing for the RAS exam with the work I was currently doing. When I cleared the first phase exam in 2018, I started preparing for the final exam without minding day and night .

”Asha, who has been waiting for the results of the exam since October 2018, has been cleaning the streets of Jodhpur till the result day.

Asha’s hard work and success has been an inspiration to all people, especially women. But breaking the cycle of institutionalized hatred that society perpetuates in the name of caste and its subordinate right to suppress women with education is the real success that Asha has shown to the future.

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