This article is from Oct 20, 2020

Rape threat for Vijay Sethupathi’s daughter on Twitter!

Muralitharan has issued a statement to withdraw from the film “800” amid strong opposition to actor Vijay Sethupathi’s role in the biopic of Muttiah Muralitharan. Following this, Vijay Sethupathi shared his statement saying “Thank you…” on Twitter.

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Meanwhile, a tweet from Rithik @ItsRithikRajh’s Twitter page has revealed that Vijay Sethupathi’s daughter should be raped. Many people are now sharing on Twitter the condemnation of the tweet that was shared insulting Vijay Sethupathi with inappropriate words.

It is unknown at this time what the real motto of that twitter ID. Some people are sharing that this Twitter page belongs to Sri Lankans. But, nothing could be confirmed. The Twitter page was created in August 2020.

Twitter has warned the profile to “Restricted to view” for posting pornographic comments. Personally, some people have reported that they have lodged a complaint with the police through the internet.

Earlier, some social media users had spread similar abusive rumours on actress Khushbu after she left the Congress and joined the BJP, and it caused a great deal of controversy when a person posted on a social networking site that he sexually threaten the cricketer Dhoni’s daughter for not playing properly in the IPL.

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You can see the constant threats of sexual violence against girl children on social media. Appropriate action should be taken against whoever commits such a heinous act. Social Network It will become a civilized society only if the community continues to speak out against any attack on women and children.

Continuing to intimidate the housewives or children of the person involved in any matter should be seen as a mental illness of a community. Severe punishment for such obscene acts would be appropriate, and the arrest of such paedophiles would be to the best solution.

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