BJP’s protest demanded the release of Annamalai when he was not arrested. Where did this happen?

Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai led a siege protest in front of the fort on May 31 demanding the Tamil Nadu government reduce petrol and diesel prices.

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Annamalai got into the auto after speaking among the supporters who had gathered in the protest. Police were engaged in intensive vehicle surveillance near the Napier Bridge following the spread of false information that Annamalai was going to board the auto and besiege the fort.

However, he got into an auto and went to his car without going to the fort. Annamalai got into his car from auto and drove to the party office from there due to traffic.

Unaware of this, some of the BJP members chanted slogans with flags on the road demanding the release of Annamalai thinking that he was arrested. This video has gone viral on social media.

The viral video is being trolled pointing the BJP member showing his hand asking to stay for a while and a female BJP member smiling for it.

While searching for a viral video of some BJP supporters demanding the release of Annamalai, we came to know that it was taken in the Sivagangai district Thiripuvanam area and that the name of the BJP female supporter who was smiling in the video was Jayamani.

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On her Twitter page about her video going viral, she commented, “I was not angry, You can see me with a smiling face in the video. There was no motive other than asking the policemen to be patient for while with the smiling face when the police suppressed us. I love BJP more than life.

I do not have to beg the police, it is just a way to greet the police on the opposite side and the DMK members with a smile. We face this event with a smile because of the respect I have for them”.

She contested for the 8th ward seat in Thiripuvanam municipality in the last election on behalf of the BJP.

The video was taken during a road blockade by some BJP supporters demanding the release of Annamalai who has not been arrested. And this has come under criticism on social media.

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