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Remdesivir is not a life-saving drug, then why do people wandering?

In Tamil Nadu, crowds are overflowing at all places for the distribution of Remdecivir, including the Chennai, Madurai and the Coimbatore Government Medical College. Despite repeated reports from the World Health Organization, various doctors, scientists, and governments from the World Health Organization that Remdecivir was of no use in the efficient action against corona.

What exactly is the role of the Remdecivir drug against corona? Why is there such a shortage of that drug? Let’s take a look at the opinions of doctors around the world about Remdecivir to clarify many important questions.

World Health Organization (WHO):

WHO Chief Scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan and leading epidemiologist Dr Maria von Kerkov commented on Remdecivir: “The results of five clinical trials show that the use of Remdecivir did not reduce mortality or reduce clinical oxygen demand among hospitalized Covid-19 patients .” This is the view of medical experts and the Government of India.

Ministry of Health, India:

“Remdecivir is a test drug approved for emergency use! Can only be prescribed for those with mild corona infection who need oxygen. This is not a life-saving drug. ” As the news was published in the year 2020. It also released a short video on May 11, 2021, to remind people and raise awareness.

Dr VK Paul, Chairman, Covid-19 Task Force, India, said “Various physicians prescribe Remdecivir on the basis that the patient condition was the virus should be eradicated quickly for many patients with asymptomatic and mild symptoms, that drug is not so effective. ”

Government of Tamil Nadu:

Former Tamil Nadu Health Minister Vijayabaskar (July 2020) said, “Remdecivir shows the ability to save the lives of many patients in critical condition.” This is the view expressed by the Minister in 2020.

Since then, many, including ICMR scientists and medical professionals, have repeatedly said that Remdecivir should not be given so much importance. After insisting that it was not a life-saving drug, Dr TS Selvanayagam, Director, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Tamil Nadu, said, “Remdecivir is not a life-saving drug, but private doctors unnecessarily prescribe it to the public. Remdecivir is not an essential drug for patients with covid, ”he stated on May 4, 2021.

In an interview with Mr Ganesh Kumar, an epidemiologist at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) epidemiology a few days ago with Youturn’s Editor Mr Iyan Karthikeyan asked about this: Steroids are much better than Remdecivir in helping someone recover quickly from it. Remdecivir is an unnecessary drug. ” he said.

Dr Avril Watcha of Scotland’s National Health Services (NHS) told India Today: There is no clear evidence that it has any effect (Remdecivir). ”

Why is there such a shortage of that drug?

7 companies including Cipla, Dr Reddy are licensed to manufacture and distribute Remdecivir in India. These 7 companies together have the capacity to produce only 38.80 lakh bottles per month. As the impact of corona on India has diminished over the past year, pharmaceutical manufacturing operations were halted from December to February last year. Back in March 2021, when the second wave picked up speed in India, 25 basic raw materials for pharmaceutical products were not available. The Indian government is currently asking for a doubling of production. However, it takes 25 days to prepare and distribute the drug. It is said that by the end of this month the problems in production will be reduced but only about 75 lakh bottles can be produced per month.

Prabhdeep Kaur, who works in the ICMR’s Disease Prevention and Prevention Unit, said on his Twitter page that the mass mobilization of people for Remdeciver would make the curfew ineffective and lead to the spread of the disease in clusters in Chennai.


He added, “It is not a life-saving drug. However, if the government wants to help, it should take steps to make Remdecivir available directly to private hospitals. ”

The consensus that the central government and the state government have repeatedly told the people is that Remdecivir is “not a life-saving drug and should not be over-emphasized.” Remdecivir can only alleviate people’s anxiety if governments take appropriate action.

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