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Demand for exclusion from the SC list is good? Video’s source and data!

This article contains sources and references that appear in the video “Demand for exclusion from the SC list is good?”. In it, there are 3 parts as to whether the name change is correct? , the exclusion from SC list is correct?, and whether the existing reservation is being followed properly or not?.

Devendra Kula Vellalar Name Change:

Various castes who use the name Vellalar say that the word “Vellalar” belongs only to us and should not be included in the naming of Devendra Kula Vellalar. In times of caste, class discrimination and oppression, the ploughman had no right to the land and the landowners claimed to be the cultivators. Who is a farmer, land owner or agricultural worker?

To the question of whether they worked on the land, there is evidence in a survey conducted during the British period in 1911 that the proof says they were agricultural laborers in many places. We know from various documents from the Sangam period to the British period that they were peasant labourers.

Also, the name change request did not arise yesterday. The commission was set up during the DMK regime in 2011 in response to a demand that the 7th Division be commonly referred to as Devendra Kula Vellalar. But, it did not work. There have been several requests since then.

Looking through the song, it is stated in the syllabus “Pallu Literature” in the Tamil Internet Academy, “This course is about the life of a farmer”.

The exclusion from SC list:

Is there any justification for saying that they should be called Vellalar instead of my caste name is as same as coming out of the category of list race?

There is legal protection as for listed ethnicities. Violence against SCs and STs has increased by 19% in 2015-2020. The violence against them is increasing every year. As such, they need priority in education and protection in law.

Is the reservation being followed properly?

Of the 89 secretaries in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, 3 are ST, 1 Dalit and 85 are FC, according to a 2019 print report. Not even one from the OBC section.

The seats allotted to OBCs, SCs and STs in the reservation system of Union Ministries are unfilled. According to the New Indian Express, 7,782 seats are vacant for SC, 6,903 for ST and 10,859 for OBC.

Next, when looking at the number of OBCs, SCs and STs in terms of Group A and Group B work in various government departments, 68% of the total 16,381 in the railway sector are in the public sector (11,273). OBC accounted for 8.05% (1,319), SC 15.57% (2,551) and ST 7.56% (1,238). If the reservation system of the Central Government is followed, then 50% of all should be given to the public sector.

However, 66.17% of the HRDs are in the public sector, 80.25% in the Union Cabinet Secretariat, 73.84% in the Finance Commission, 97% in the Presidential Secretariat and 64.76% in the UPSC are in General Category.

According to the Central Ministry of Human Resource Development, there are 951 professors in 40 central universities in the public sector, 51 in SC, 8 in ST and only 9 in OBC. Among the next associate professors, there are 2352 in the general category, 141 in SC, 40 in ST and 31 in OBC. Among the Assistant Professors, there are 5055, SC 975, ST 463, OBC 1267 in the general category.

According to information obtained by RTI, 85% of the 10th standard students in Tamil Nadu belonging to the SC section are dependent on government and government aided schools. Only 15% attend private school. That is 74% of the advanced class in private school. Only 26% attend government and government-aided schools. That is, 60% of the underprivileged and 75% of the most underprivileged attend government and government-aided schools. So, there will be an understanding of the level of education and employment in each sector.

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