Rishi Bagree dodges, misleads, and misinforms to defend the Union Government.

He compares current budgetary allocations with 2013-14 data to claim increase in spending for the scheme.

Rishi Bagree is a popular supporter for the ruling BJP government and a prominent figure in the right-wing ecosystem. Several of Rishi’s prolific tweets contain incorrect data and YouTurn had already fact-checked many of his claims. We have compiled a list of misinformation spread by him which is attached at the end of this article. Rishi Bagree had recently made a tweet about the budgetary allocations for the MGNREGA scheme.

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The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 paves way for the MGNREGA scheme and it provides a minimum of 100 days’ work to at least one member of a household who volunteer for doing unskilled manual work targeted at the poor and rural sections of the country.

The scheme had received highly polarized opinions as being very effective in bringing a vast proportion of the population out of poverty, increasing consumption of many necessary goods which were previously inaccessible. at the same time, it has been criticized for not creating enough assets, if any, which in fact made the scheme virtually a cash transfer program.

Surge in tweets

Rishi Bagree’s tweets have seen a surge lately as there were many happenings that kept the right-wing ecosystem engaged. The Hindenburg Report on Adani Group, PM-CARES debacle and the Union budget demanded the support of the ecosystem and Rishi was up to it. He had tweeted that no one demanded an enquiry by Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) when shares of Wipro fell.

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The tweet was highly misleading, and we have written about it which can be read here.

Reduction in MGNREGA Allocations

In another tweet, he claimed that the expenditure under MGNREGA is at Rs.89,400 crores during the current 2022-23 financial year, whereas it was at Rs.32,992 crores during 2013-14. Although the number itself can be corroborated, it was given in response to a tweet by Nikhil Inamdar, a journalist, who pointed out that not a single Indian business channel has spoken about sharp cuts in MGNREGA allocations.

The MGNREGA’s budgetary allocation received a sharp cut from Rs.73,000 crores in 2021-22 to just Rs.60,000 crores in financial year; a decline of 17.8% compared to the previous year and 33% less compared to the revised estimate of Rs.89,400 crores.

The Union Government had also responded that the “NREGA is a demand driven Scheme” and the actual spending at the end of the financial year would be more than the amount allocated initially in the budget.
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Budget.
It has been reported that a day before the Union Government put forth its budget, activists from Peoples’ Action for Employment Guarantee and the NREGA Sangarsh Morcha had issued a joint statement in which it said that an allocation of Rs.2.72 lakh crores would be required to ensure that the legally guaranteed 100 days of work to all the households that come under the scheme.
They also claimed that Rs.1.24 lakh crores would be required for just 40 days of work for all households under the scheme, which is more than double the current budgetary allocation of Rs.60,000 crores.


Rishi Bagree’s tweet comes in response to a journalist pointing out this decline in allocation for MNREGA is totally misleading to a common man who is not savvy to the Union Budget allocations over the years, as he would be made to think that there’s no decline at all. Below are the many instances when Rishi Bagree had indulged in spreading misinformation.

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