Rs 1.26 Crore spent on Facebook advertisement in 90 days – Jaggi Vasudev tops India!

In today’s modern technology development, everything has started to operate based on the internet. We have seen the development of 2G, 3G and today up to 5G. It is noteworthy that various parties have recently accused the Union Government of auctioning the 5G spectrum for a lesser price of Rs.1.50 lakh crore.

Social media plays an important role in such internet development. Social media serves as a bridge between Entrepreneurs, media, political parties, party leaders, individuals to their respective audiences in bringing their works and ideas from different walks of life. No matter how many new social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram come up, Facebook always has a special place.

The information we post on such social websites can be promoted by paying money to Facebook to reach more viewers. Meta published a list of those who did so. Jaggi Vasudev has topped the list in India.

In the last 90 days from April 27 to July 25, 12,863 advertisers advertised on Meta. The total value advertised by them is Rs.13.94 crores. In this list, Isha outreach in the name of Sadhguru spends up to Rs.99 lakhs on advertising. In the name of Conscious Planet Rs.21 lakhs and in the name of Sadhguru Telugu Rs.5 lakhs and 10 thousand have been spent for advertisement.

The total amount spent on Facebook advertising in the name of Isha Outreach comes to Rs.1.26 crore (99,27,933 + 21,66,146 + 5,10,710). Isha spends an average of Rs.1.40 lakh per day on Facebook advertising.

Isha Foundation charges Rs.42 per tree from people for planting trees. At the same time, lakhs are being spent per day on Facebook advertising alone.

Looking at how much everyone else has spent on Facebook advertising, the Bharatiya Janata Party has spent Rs 15.70 lakh and the Gujarat BJP Rs 15.61 lakh. These are ranked 13th and 14th respectively. Tamil Nadu Department of News and Public Relations has done Facebook advertisements for Rs 3.2 lakh in the name of DIPR TN.

The importance of social media like Facebook can be realized by the fact that not only media and political parties are spending crores to promote their fame but also preachers like Jaggi Vasudev.


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