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Department of Tamil Development denies that Sanga Tamil literature is not compiled as a Dravidian kalangiyam !

Minister Thangam Thennarasu released 20 announcements on 31st August in Tamil Nadu Assembly during the debate on Tamil ruling language and Tamil culture, subsidy request for the Department of Archeology.

“It is announced in the subsidy request of the Department of Tamil development that Sangam literature will be split into simplified editions and as a compiled form named ‘Dravidian kalangiyam’ on behalf of Tamil development department and Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation “, reports news channels and social media posts.

P.Maniyarasan, Seeman and a few others have condemned that splitting the Sangam literature into simplified editions is fine but why compile it as a Dravidian kalangiyam.

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Naam Tamilar Katchi Seeman has tweeted, “The act of compiling Sanga Tamil literature as the Dravidian kalangiyam is a shameful Dravidian theft”.

Several other posts tagging the CM and Minister Thangam Thennarasu condemning that the kalangiyam should be named as Tamil kalangiyam and not the Dravidian kalangiyam can be seen on social media.

The Assistant Director of the Department of Tamil Development clarified to Youturn, “the announcement made was splitting Sanga Tamil literature into simplified editions, and a compilation book named Dravidian kalangiyam. Both are two different things. Simplifying Sanga Tamil literature is a task and Dravidian kalangiyam compilation is an all-new one. The announcement of the Minister is published on the website of Tamil development department”.

10th announcement of Tamil development department says that 10 lakh rupees is allotted for printing and publishing the simplified editions of Sangam literature for a low cost. Below which it says actions will be taken on behalf of the Tamil development department and Tamil Nadu Textbook corporation to publish the simplified editions of Sangam literature and the compiled book named Dravidian kalangiyam. 10 lakh rupees would be allotted for the same.

The above image is being circulated and condemned on social media. When the assistant director of the Tamil development department speaks about it, “the image with Thiruvalluvar photo has spell error, and hence the proper announcement can be viewed under the announcement category of Tamil development department website”.

When we asked him which books will be compiled as a Dravidian kalangiyam, “it will be decided soon”, he said.



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