This article is from Jul 23, 2021

Another political party person who smuggled sand with DMK flag – SP’s say on the viral video !

illegal sand smuggling is increasing day by day in Tamil Nadu. It is shocking to know that the political party people are still involved in such activities even after DMK forms the government.

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A sand-laden lorry escorted by a car flying the DMK flag near Devakottai, Sivangangai District was chased by the police after which a video went viral on social media where a person from the car gives his cellphone to the police saying that the special assistant inspector is on the line.

News 18 Tamil Nadu released the video of police chasing the sand-laden lorry escorted by the car flying the DMK flag. A Twitter user shared this news and tagged us on Twitter.


“A sand-laden lorry driver resisted stopping the vehicle when police at Thiruvegampathur check-post near Devakottai tried blocking the vehicle. Two policemen chased the vehicle in a two-wheeler. The driver sped off the lorry to the side of the road threatening the policemen as if he would collide with the two-wheeler. However, policemen kept chasing the vehicle after which the car flying the DMK flag was parked across the two-wheeler so that the police could not chase further.

A person who got down from the car gave a cellphone to one of the policemen saying that the Special Assistant Inspector is on the line. Meanwhile, the sand-laden lorry escaped. This incident took place on 1st July. Even after 20 days from the date of the incident no case was filed on this by Thiruvegampathur police. And the video went viral on social media. Following this District Superintendent T. Senthilkumar started investigating this. He stated that a special force is appointed to find 3 people and to seize the vehicles”, stated Hindu Tamil.

Adding to it, he also stated that if it is revealed that the assistant inspector is involved in bribery for not filing a case then action would be taken against him as well.

It is unveiled in the investigation that the people involved in sand smuggling are Vijayan from a village named Pudhukurichi near Devakottai and Prabhu from Sirunallur. The police department has arrested Prabhu, have seized the lorry and are in search of Vijay. It is not in any of the news on the details of the car with the DMK flag or the people in it.

When we contacted Sivagangai District Police Superintendent T. Senthilkumar over the phone he said, “People in the car do not belong to DMK party but from another political party. They tried escaping from the police at the checkpoint by using the DMK flag. Not only they are members of the said political party but are also in a position. The lorry involved is seized and the person hiding will also be arrested soon”.

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