This article is from Feb 21, 2021

Solar tent for soldiers in the freezing cold… Sonam Wangchuk discovery goes viral!

Posts thanking Sonam Wangchuck for creating solar military tents for Indian soldiers who camped at the frozen Kalwan Valley are going viral on social media.

Sonam Wangchuck, an engineer, education reformer and inventor from Ladakh, has taken to Twitter to create a prototype of a solar tent for Indian soldiers guarding the cold and high climates of Ladakh.

The outside of the tent area is -14 degrees Celsius while the inside of the tent is +15 degrees Celsius. Thus, there is no kerosene smoke or pollution. Sonam Wangchuk said it weighed only 30 kg and could carry up to 10 soldiers. Also, he mentioned it on the Twitter page as an Indian product.

India Today News has gone to the field and published the news regarding Sonam Wangchuk’s discovery. Sonam Wangchuck has released an explanatory video on the Solar Military Tent on her YouTube channel.

“It cost about Rs 5 lakh to build this solar tent prototype. Depending on the production and the quantity it will cost equal to or less. Also, the container rooms they use have smaller spaces than our previous model. Its price is around 9-10 lakhs. Our tent provides half and twice that amount of space.

These tents can be used by tourists and workers working on the border road system. People living in plastic tents can live without pollution, ”Sonam Wangchuk told Thebetterindia.

The Indian Army has been informed about this solar tent. However, production decisions can only be made after testing. He says they will test it in about a week.

“We will test this tent at an altitude of about 17,600 feet above sea level and on our way to Bangkok Lake. This will be a difficult part for testing purposes, ”Sonam said.

In 2016, the Hindustan Times reported that Sonam Wangchuck had an exclusive interview mentioning him as the real 3Idiots movie character (Nanban Vijai Aka Kosaksi Pasapugazh in Tamil dub).

Sonam Wangchuk Solar Tent has been gaining popularity on social media. Netizens have been posting that his invention should be used in the Indian Army. However, Sonam Wangchuck said that this is only a prototype tent and that tests are to be done for it.



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