Development of sports infrastructure: More funds allocated to BJP-ruled states!

Funds were allocated under the Khelo India project by the Union Government to improve the structure of sports stadiums in each state. It has been revealed that states including Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh have been allocated a large share of funds and states including Tamil Nadu and West Bengal have been allocated a very small share of funds.

On August 2, Union Sports Minister Anurag Tagore responded to the question raised by Shiv Sena MPs Arvind Ganpat, Sanjay Jadav, Krupal Balaji Tumane, Vinayak Raut, Delkar Kalaben Mohanbhai regarding the funding of state-wise sports infrastructure projects under the “Khelo India Project”.

In the reply given by the Union Minister in the Lok Sabha, “Rs. 2754.28 crores has been allocated for 300 projects across the country. Of this, a maximum of Rs.608.37 crore for 5 projects in Gujarat state, Rs.503.02 crore for 32 projects in Uttar Pradesh state, Rs.183.72 crore for 21 projects in Arunachal Pradesh, Rs.128.52 crore for 19 projects in Karnataka, Rs.112.26 crore for 45 projects in Rajasthan and Rs.110.80 crore for 13 projects in Maharashtra has also been earmarked.”

BJP is in power in 5 states where funds allocated is more than 100 crores. Rajasthan is the only non-BJP-ruled state and that state has been allocated only Rs 112.26 crore for the maximum of 45 projects.

Among the South Indian states, Tamil Nadu has been allocated Rs.33 crore for 5 projects, Andhra Pradesh Rs.33.80 crore for 7 projects, and Telangana Rs.24.11 crore for 6 projects and Kerala Rs.62.74 crore for 5 projects. Of this, Rs 128.52 crore has been allocated for 19 projects in the BJP-ruled Karnataka state alone.

There has been criticism that BJP-ruled states have been allocated more funds by the Union government to improve the structure of sports stadiums under the Khelo India scheme. Rs.608.37 crores have been earmarked for 5 projects in Gujarat state. However, only Rs.33 crore has been allocated for 5 projects in Tamil Nadu.


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