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DMK MPs in the Standing Committee on One Country One Ration | Is the review correct?

Blaming one party on another is a common occurrence in all political fields. Politics is no exception. In fact, these ideas can lead to constructive discussions. These are necessary because such comments in politics can lead to political clarity.

But for India, the use of the internet and social websites is something that needs to be matured. It is an undeniable fact that the mentality of believing that all the information that can be shared in it are true, because of this new technology for our people.

The truth of the matter is that some political news items found on social networking sites are forced to be subjected to separate scrutiny!

Even if some of the opinions expressed in a message are true, it also conveys the impression that other opinions in the message are true, even if they are unverified.

For example,

Yesterday, Idumbavanam Karthik of the Naam Tamilar Party, posted a message on his Twitter page which attract a significant audience on social media.


He cited evidence that DMK MPs were on the Standing Committee for the Implementation of Central Government Schemes such as One Country, One Ration and Agricultural Law.

The truth is they are part of it. So it seems natural that there is nothing wrong with sharing this message. But before that, it is important to know what a standing committee is.

Standing committee:

There will be a standing committee for each ministry in the Indian Parliament. There are currently a total of 24 groups at a rate of 31 members per group. Members of the Lok Sabha and state legislatures are members of a standing committee. Appropriate seats will be allocated in Parliament based on the strength of the respective parties.

269. Constitution

Before a bill comes into force it will be recommended to the respective departmental standing committee. Subsequently, it is the responsibility of the Standing Committee to review various reports by the members and to submit to Parliament a report with some recommendations based on them.

270. Functions

If some members have disagreements they can let us know. The government will often ignore those recommendations unless the Standing Committee members unanimously approve and publish the report.

Note: Polls will not be conducted in this manner.

Then all the MPs in both have the responsibility and authority to examine the recommendations of that report and make appropriate amendments. Finally, a vote is taken in Parliament and a bill is confirmed on its basis.

273. Procedure relating to Bills

So if a government has enough influence in parliament to pass a law then that government has the power to pass a bill.

So, not only DMK members but all elected party MPs will be on the standing committee, they may have posted the full details as they have no authority to pass the bill and we have not received any news on their position.



FAQs on the Lok Pal Bill Standing Committee



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