In terms of organ donation, Tamil Nadu is an inspiration to other states!

The healthcare sector and the government are working to raise public awareness about organ donation. Consequently, there has been a notable surge in organ donation in 2022. Tamil Nadu is a role model for organ donation, according to an analysis of data released by the National Organ and Tissue Transplantation Organization.

In 2022, 16,041 organs were donated in India; 3,818 of those donations were given in Delhi, and 2,245 more were made in Tamil Nadu. According to the states, Tamil Nadu ranks first. Tamil Nadu accounts for 14% of the total.

Especially in Tamil Nadu, 1,476 kidneys and 632 livers have been donated. Apart from that, a total of 243 heart transplants were performed in India. Tamil Nadu’s share of this is 85 (35%).

Apart from Tamil Nadu, South India’s Kerala (1,472) and Telangana (1,179) also feature in the top 5 list of states with the highest number of organ donors. They are ranked third and fourth respectively. In second place is Maharashtra (1,525).

The states with the lowest rates of organ donation in India are Uttarakhand (4), Goa (3), and Himachal Pradesh (2). According to the 2011 census, Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India, has donated just 233 organs (kidney 225 liver 8).

Government Honoring Organ Donors:

On September 23, 2008,  the doctors Pushpanjali and Ashokan donated their teenage son Hithendran’s organs. His parents donated his heart, kidney, liver, corneas, and bone marrow after he was involved in an accident outside of Chennai and was deemed brain dead. The state’s humanitarian deed of organ donation was spurred by the couple’s gesture. So, September 23 is announced as Organ Transplant Day in Tamil Nadu.

A key step in encouraging this was taken last year on Organ Transplant Day, with the announcement made by Chief Minister M.K. Stalin. Specifically, it states that “state honors will now be used to conduct funeral rites for organ donors before death.” Significantly, Tamil Nadu has seen a rise in organ donation following this declaration, said Health Minister Ma. Subramanian.

A person who wishes to donate an organ should register on the organ donation website of the Tamil Nadu government with the consent of the family. This is only an optional registration for organ donation. Organs will not be collected after the registrant’s death or in the event of indecisiveness (brain death) where the family has not consented to organ donation. Organs can be donated only with the consent of the family.

In 2008, the Tamil Nadu government started the Organ Donation Program to ensure that the harvested organs reach the right beneficiaries. According to this, patients will be given priority orders through Tamil Nadu Organ Transplantation Commission.

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NOTTO: National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation

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